Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Insane Genre Challenge!

Last year was a bad reading year for me, however this year I plan on changing that! One way I plan on doing that is by participating in the 2016 Insane Genre Challenge. The Insane Genre Challenge is a book challenge hosted by (my best friend) Erin at Angel Erin's Book Obsession which is designed to encourage people to read more diverse genres of books. If you ask me, we could use more diversity in the world! For some people this may not be a "insane challenge" but if you're like me and sometimes seem to stick to the same genre of books there is no better way to start the new year off than with change. 

  1. Action/Adventure
  2. Auto-Biography/ Biography
  3. Chick-Lit
  4. Children's Book
  5. Classics
  6. Contemporary/Drama
  7. Cyberpunk/Steampunk
  8. Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic
  9. Epic
  10. Erotica
  11. Espionage
  12. Fantasy
  13. Graphic Novel
  14. Gothic
  15. Historical Fiction
  16. Horror
  17. Humor
  18. Literary Fiction
  19. Magical Realism
  20. Mystery
  21. Non-Fiction
  22. Paranormal/Supernatural
  23. Philosophical
  24. Poetry
  25. Pulp (Hard Boiled or Noir)
  26. Romance
  27. Science Fiction
  28. Self-Help/Educational
  29. Short Stories
  30. Thriller
  31. Travel
  32. True Crime
  33. Urban Fantasy
  34. Victorian
  35. Western
  36. Young Adult  
The challenge is simple: Try to read 1 book in each genre listed above. (order doesn't matter) 
If this challenge sounds like something you'd be interested in feel free to join us over at

Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: Soundless by Richelle Mead

3.5 stars ★  ★ ★ ½

I quite enjoyed this book! It was a great small adventure story. 

This book follows a girl named Fei, who lives in a village on top of a mountain that is cut off from the rest of world. The only way out of the village is down the mountain which they choose not to do because of the dangerous rock avalanches. Also, due to the conditions of living on top of a mountain they can't grow food. Instead of leaving for many generations they have sent metals that are mined down a zip line to a person that exchanges metals for food, until one day the food rations become smaller. Did I mention that everyone in their village is deaf? Well they are. The story picks up where some of the villagers are starting to lose their eyesight. One night Fei mysteriously gets her hearing back and decides to take a chance of going down the mountain with her friend and talking to the zip line man in charge to find out what's going on. 

Once I heard the synopsis I immediately thought that it sounding interesting and unique, which I was right! I've never read any of Richelle Meads books (despite owning a few) before now and must say I enjoy her writing, it is smooth and flows great throughout the story.

When reading reviews I seen a lot of DNF and 1 star ratings, most complaining that it had no world-building, characterless characters, or just plain boring. 

For me I didn't have one specific problem while reading it, but I see some of other reviewers points. Since it was a standalone yes it could've been a few hundred pages longer. Maybe Richelle should've pushed the release date to work on some of the world-building, add more Chinese heritage details, and add more fantasy elements. Which by the way, it only has like 30 pages of fantasy, so I see how some people may be disappointed since this was marketed as a fantasy and turned out more of a young adult book. Overall I thought it was a cute book, nothing to take too serious. Will I read it again, probably not just because there isn't much to read again once you read it once but I will definitely be reading more of Richelle Mead's books in the future!

Review done by: Sebastian Hobbs