Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: Pandora by Anne Rice

4 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ 

A great life history of one of Anne's characters~

Pandora is book #1 in the New Tales of the Vampire series written by Anne Rice.

   In the novel Pandora we follow the mysterious life of Pandora the vampire who we've heard bits and pieces about throughout The Vampire Chronicles series. It takes place some time after book #5 Memnoch the Devil. 

David Talbot, newly vampire spawn from Lestat, has sought after Pandora in Paris in hopes of convincing her to tell her life story for him by requesting her to write her tales in some journals that he's brought to her. However, the ancient old Pandora is apprehensive about disclosing parts of her life that she hasn't thought of in centuries. David being the oh so proper English gentleman that he is uses his charm to convince her to give it a try, so after agreeing to give it a try she instructs him to meet her in the same Paris café as their original meetup in a few days stating that she'll either have the journals filled with the story of her life or empty, but offers no promises.

     Pandora was another great novel like all of Anne Rice's books so far! There isn't much to say since  it's basically and autobiography of a fictional character but it was very well researched, detailed, and believable.

Throughout The Vampire Chronicles Pandora makes a few appearances here and there but we never really get to know her, so I'm glad Anne gave her a voice in Pandora because she lived a interesting life and the story she gave really gave us the opportunity to know her finally. I'm not quite sure why Anne Rice didn't include her book as part as "The Vampire Chronicles" because it basically is.. despite marketing it as book #1 in the "New Tales of the Vampire" either way it was fantastic!

I also enjoyed learning about how Pandora and Marius became to be a couple and to learn about their love and struggles together that they have battled, I myself can relate to their relationship struggles, whether that is a good thing or bad thing love is like a roller coaster.

I love Anne's novels the best when they have to do with history because I always learn and what's better than learning! The writing and research that went into Pandora was great as always and I can't wait to see what is to come in the rest of Rice's writing because I plan on reading ALL of her work!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice

4 stars ★ ★ ★ ★

Another fun adventure with the Brat Prince~

Memnoch the Devil is book #5 in The Vampire Chronicles series written by Anne Rice.

   In Memnoch the Devil we follow our main vampiric protagonist Lestat on another interesting adventure. This time the story begins with Lestat being afraid after being stalked by some apparent Being, after hearing footsteps follow him and other weird occurrences however, when alerted he never sees anyone nearby. He then calls to his newly fledgling vampire, David, who he hasn't seen since their departure in Rio after book #4 The Tale of the Body Thief. Once reunited Lestat explains to him that hes just been following his next victim for the last few months, a big time drug dealer and murderer, who has attracted him by his demeanor and the relationship he has with his televangelist daughter.

At first David suggests the two are some how connected but Lestat remains adamant that they are not connected saying that it started before he met the victim. David still says they could possibly be connected somehow and agrees to stay with him until they find out who and what is stalking Lestat. After Lestat goes in for the kill, disposes of the body, he later gets a surprise visitor.... his victim who has come back seeking help from Lestat as a ghost, but with a solid form which has never happened in all his time while being a vampire.

After his first unexpected guest he then receives yet another guest, this time it appears to be an entity who has been stalking him, this time he appears to him to make an offer that he knows Lestat won't refuse. But Lestat is hesitant and seeks advice from his fellow vampire brothern as well as his drug lord victim's daughter before making his decision. As before he has a decision that will affect him greatly, but this time it will make him question everything he thought he knew.. Or what he has wanted to believe since taking the Dark Gift.

     Let's start off by while I'm doing my Anne Rice-A-Thon I've been sticking away from any possible spoilers, so each book that I've read has been a total surprise to me, and I've enjoyed it that way. Once David mentioned his encounter (in book #4) at the Paris café I thought "That would be nice if they dove more into that, or of his life in Rio." Well in Memnoch the Devil I got to dive into one of them subject and boy did Anne not disappoint.

Memnoch the Devil is filled with lots of Theology, theories of religion, and the revelation of evolution ect. So if that's not something you're in to then this book may not be for you. For me this book was quite enjoyable on many levels, and I'm not religious by any means. After reading it I went through a few sites to see what others thought and was surprise to see many thought this was one of Anne's "worst" books, many stating that it was too descriptive and slow ect. I disagree and thought after the first like 30 ish pages it picked up quickly and I think the way Anne describes everything is to make us get the real visual, and it worked for me!

As always Anne impresses me with the amount of details and research that goes into her novels. Sure many other authors do research but Anne goes above and beyond to make sure you get the picture to be/feel immersed into the story, which is just a little example why Anne is my favorite author.

It started off a little slow but it definitely picked up fast once the plot and new characters was introduced. I went back and fourth for awhile on what to rate this book I decided on 4 for now.. I know I said the same thing in the previous review but hey I'm indecisive, all I know is that the book was really enjoyable and I can't wait to continue with the series!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review: The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice

4 stars ★ ★ ★ ★

A very good continue of The Vampire Chronicles~

The Tale of the Body Thief is book #4 in The Vampire Chronicles series written by Anne Rice.

   In The Tale of the Body Thief we follow our main character Lestat who becomes rather depressed and starts having nightmares of  his ex vampire daughter "Claudia" . His depression seems to be stemming from regret of his vampiric nature, despite keeping his victims to mainly murders and evil mortals, most of the time. Since The Queen of the Damned the new formed "coven" has since split up from their home of the "Night Island" going their separate ways leaving Lestat with only one friend, David Talbot, Superior General of the Talamasca.

Since Lestat offered David the offer to take the Dark Gift and he refused the offer Lestat has found him more interesting sparking up a good friendship with him. One day Lestat decides to visits David to try and make sense of things but unfortunately Lestat isn't satisfied and decides that he will go to the Gobi desert and try to test how far he can push himself by rising into the sun... Once he does not die he returns to David's home in England where he gets comforted some by his friend until he heals.

Lestat tries to continue life as normal, as normal a vampire life can be, but still has nightmares of Claudia and still feeling over all depressed about being a vampire.. Until one day a random mortal man finds him and starts leaving him hints that he has the ability to switch bodies with him for a limited time giving him the mortal experience that he yearns for. His close friend David and his companion blood child Louis disapproves and tries to convince him not to do it both agreeing that he'll come to regret it. But being the Brat Prince and Damnedest creature that he is of course he don't listen, but will it work the switch? Will it be worth the risks? Will it be what he's wanted..

     As always I try to avoid spoilers so going in to book #4 I didn't know what it was going to be about but after reading it some I got an idea and then the title The Tale of the Body Thief clicked. I got to say, I've probably said it before, but Anne is very imaginative and comes with the greatest plots! I mean who else would come up with the things that she does other than her, probably no one! She definitely is one of the greatest I think.

Some things was predictable but I don't think it took any enjoyment out of the story. Also some of Lestat's choices just piss me off, ha. I guess he wouldn't be Lestat if he didn't do some of the damn stuff that he does,  I think that is also one reason why fans love Lestat because he is who he is and does what he wants.

This book mainly focuses on Lestat and David and a few new side characters. I will admit I missed the others previous main vampire characters, however, I really enjoyed Lestat and David's relationship together and it was enough for me. That is.... Until towards the last little conclusion chapter. I didn't want it to happen and didn't agree necessarily on the decision but after some thought I understand why it happened the way it did and see Anne's decisions.

The rating I'm going to go with for now is 4 stars for now just because I didn't enjoy it quite AS much as The Queen of the Damned and the other books in the series but still really liked it and could very much change the rating in the future who knows :)

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review: The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

4.5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★  ½

Wow! Great book~

The Queen of the Damned is book #3 in The Vampire Chronicles series written by Anne Rice.

     The novel The Queen of the Damned is the continuation of The Vampire Lestat (which was wrote by Lestat in response to the book publication of Interview with the Vampire) where Lestat arose from a slumber and became a rockstar after joining a group of mortals band.  After the release of Lestat's book he angered many of his brother and sister blood drinkers by revealing secrets that could cause them all danger if fallen into the wrong hands. Many of the blood drinkers plan to punish him by killing him at his grand concert that is to take place in front of thousands of mortal fans.

However, the unthinkable happens when Lestat's music somehow wakes the Mother of all vampires, Akasha, who has been a dormant statue along side long time partner and Father of all, Enkil, for thousand of years. Is it in admiration that wakes her? Or is it to punish the immortal rockstar? Also is her wakening the cause of the sudden odd dreams occurring in select immortals and mortals?

    When starting this book I wasn't sure what it was going to be about other than the the Queen was suppose to rise from her dormant slumber, but boy did this book surprise me! At first I wasn't sure where the book was going because in this book they introduce MANY new characters and they rotate their stories each chapter and I just kept thinking whaa is going on I thought this was suppose to be about the Queen and Lestat what is the connection do these random characters have to them but eventually you find out then it definitely makes sense and gets interesting to say the least.

Speaking of characters.. I've never seen an author able to introduce so many new characters, give them enough details and back story to make you feel like you know them and want to know more, all in under a 500 page other than Anne Rice!

This 500 page book was full of such a great plot, characters, and thought provoking ideas. The details that Anne describes and back story of how the vampires came to be just blew my mind, it is very convincing that you almost think wait is that possible, could vampires and exist? Of course I know that vampires do not exist but Anne makes it so believable that you question the possibility, it's amazing.

As with all of Anne's books I've read her writing is just so beautiful, I can't give it enough praise. The writing is so brilliantly and beautifully written it's very much in my eyes art. I have yet to find a author able to descibe all that she does and make it so vivid and real life.

The Queen of the Damned was definitely the start to a darker/more violent part of the series which I'm totally all for because that in reality is what most vampires are which is neck breaking, heart crushing, blood drinkers. Towards the ending... All I'm going to say is my mouth was wide open the whole time, that good and shocking!

I know that it took me awhile to continue with the story but I definitely don't want to take as long of a break as I did between the other books and this one. My hopes is to get through the series and caught up eventually but I also do not want to rush myself to where I can't savor the series.

I can't wait to continue and see how the characters grow and what all happens in the future!

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