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About Me:

Hi book dragons, however you stumbled across my blog let me just say welcome to my little corner of the internet, blogiverse, book world.. Whatever you want to call it. Thriftbookish is my little creation where I can review and blog about whatever interest me, specifically, BOOKS!!! You're probably wondering who I am right?

(Me ☺️)

My name is Sebastian, I am a 23 year old guy from Oklahoma who is a bibliophile, movie buff, and a music lover. I am a father of 1 to a 4 year old rescued Cheagle (Chihuahua/Beagle mix) named Boy who is my life.

(Boy 🐶)

When I am not devoting my time to him I spend my spare time either binge listening to music, watching films, watching videos on YouTube or more often than not reading books!

If I am not consumed by the list above then I am constantly searching for new hobbies or learning new things in general.

Currently reading is what fulfills my time and is my main interest, but, reading as a hobby wasn't always a part of my life. This is probably where most people would say that they have loved reading books since they came out of the womb and that they read a book a day, ect. well that is not that case with me, not even close. In fact one thing you might be surprised to learn about me is that I have only really been reading books as a hobby for the last 3 years!

Why might you ask? Well to be honest I just never really had any interest in reading books.

My Brief History of Books:

I am sure I got read to as a child but I unfortunately can't recall any specific memories that involved reading books growing up.  My earliest memories of books began when I was in elementary school when our school hosted book fairs in the school library which all the student were required to go to as a class. I always enjoyed going to the book fairs and can remember flipping through the books and browsing the other bookish items they had for sell. I never bought any of the items but I specifically remember some of the books that caught my eyes such as Magic Tree House, Captain Underpants, and Goosebumps books.

Other than flipping through books or browsing the book fair that is about the extent of my bookish experience. However, the library was where I met one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Fleetwood. Mrs. Fleetwood was the elementary school librarian who was far from your average librarian. She was a middle aged, stylishly dressed, hilarious, loud mouthed woman not afraid to say what was on her mind. She didn't like kids too much, or books for that matter. I can remember her making comments such as "these kids make me want a drink" or "I need a cigarette" while many may not find that too humorous I found her hilariously entertaining and spent most of my time in the library for that reason. So although my time spent in the library wasn't actually reading books it was still spent around many beautiful books, it was just spent waiting to hear what outlandish things that came out of Mrs. Fleetwood's mouth. Or what fabulous outfit she was wearing, if that counts for anything those are my not so normal childhood memories with books.

Onward to middle school and my relationship with books didn't change much. I remember that we was to be required to read a book every once in awhile then take a A.R.(Accelerated Reader) test on it.. but I would skip the reading part and just guess on the test. How I stayed on the honor roll throughout school is beyond me.

The one year year of (public) high school I attended before switching to online school didn't have anymore reading involved than before. I remember being in a humanities class and being handed Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief to read to take a test on but I read only a few pages before putting it down then my friend let me copy the answer from her test.. Ironically later on The Percy Jackson series ended up becoming one of my favorite series of 2015!

Fast forward to 2014 to me and my best friend Erin having a conversation about the Harry Potter movies and how I loved the ones I had watched growing up.

(Me as a bald kid 👶 )

She being the bookworm that she is asked me if I had ever read any of the books and I said no... I know blasphemy!! She then suggested that even if I wasn't a reader to give the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, a try and so I did and loved it! After enjoying the book version of the movie which I loved, I then decided to start reading some other books that were the basis for some of my favorite films and that started my found enjoyment in reading books as a hobby. Thus developing my book  hoarding collecting! ;)

Blog History: 

I started playing with the idea of starting a blog many times and many years before, often creating them but deleting because I wasn't sure on what I wanted to achieve with it. It just never felt right. I had a few usernames running through mind but me being the indecisive person I am couldn't decide and to me a username is very important and has to not only be unique and one of a kind but it has to represent who you are. I then created this blog after coming up with the idea of combining one of my other enjoyments which is going to consignment shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, with the main topic that I was planning on making it about which was going to be about bookish topics thus coming up with the name Thriftbookish!

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